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Alper Derinbogaz

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Alper Derinbogaz
Recently Antalya is under a rapid transformation like many other cities in Turkey. These quick transformations usually aim segregated mediocre urban projects rather than balancing the benefits of different actors. Although there are many possibilities for a city like Antalya with much diverse qualities such as forests, sea, history, tourism and culture most of the renovation projects are enclosed mediocre worlds that rather try to exist within their limited environment.
Antalya Green Hub is a master plan concept that creates a new, integrated urban typology relevant to the city’s culture and local environment. Consisting of largely residential and cultural facilities, the project looks into developing a Mediterranean city culture enveloped within nature. Located on the periphery of Antalya (South Turkey), the project site is on the border between the built city and natural forest at the base of the splendid Taurus Mountains.
The urban grid is shaped by the dominating direction of the wind forces and it is designed to dissolve into the nature with it’s the program and scale. This allows the project to utilize optimum natural ventilation and sustain excellent air quality. It maximizes the bicycle and pedestrian accessibility by defining distances of distributed functions related with this concept.
The project, starting from the selection of the elements in the program envisions creating a diverse life in a sustainable environment. It presents an eco-friendly system with respecting local conditions and needs. In order to avoid creating un-used spaces it defines the scales of the streets, courtyards and public spaces carefully and distributes all functions in reachable distances by cycling and walking.
While the project aims to minimize the challenging conditions of the Mediterranean heat by natural ventilation and passive climate systems it aims to create opportunities for social interactions and comfortable outdoor facilities. It proposes self- sufficient sub-communities which will re-cycle used water and produce solar energy by taking advantage of high amount of sunny hours. This unique proposal brings tremendous benefits both for the private actors and the public while presenting a sustainable and healthy environment for the city.
Antalya Green Hub is one of the very few chances to create an ecology sensible urban development as opposed to the large scale greedy private investments that consumes the public land and the possibilities for equal and democratic urban spaces. At the moment most of the urban regeneration projects consume the existing green, infrastructure and the land for the public without having a power to provide a better future. This unique project brings tremendous benefits both for the private actors and public while it presents a sustainable and healthy environment for the city. The project envisions having much wider effects on its surroundings. It aims to define future transformation zones of the city by creating a strong reference which encourages new additions for higher quality. Rapid urban transformation projects mostly consume the possibilities for a better environment for all the actors of the city including investors. Green Hub Project intends to transform the city’s development direction through a collaborative process.


 Antalya Turkey
 Antalya Metropolitan Municipality
 1309000 mq
 Alper Derinbogaz
 Selçuk Kişmir, Thibault Jalby, Ece Cömert, Semih Alkan, Daniele Ronca, Ozan Balçık, Şevki Topçu


Alper Derinbogaz graduated from Istanbul Technical University (2005) has founded the initial form of Salon in 2009 as an architecture practice.He won the UCLA Graduate Award for his master’s studies that he completed in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of California, Los Angeles. He realized the public space projects that incorporate the new technologies at large scales. The following years three of his built works, Gate, Panorama and Augmented Structures were included in the Best Architecture of the Year Selection and received the Arkitera Young Architect Award in 2011. He has received awards and honors, including the A+ Architizer Award 2015, and the Plan Award for Innovative Architecture for his projects. He represented Turkey in the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale in its debut year of the Pavilion of Turkey in 2014. Currently he heads the work of Salon and runs the Vertical Living architectural design studio at the Istanbul Technical University as an adjunct professor.


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