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Turkcell HQ Interior

Tabanlioglu Architects

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Tabanlioglu Architects
One of major internet service providers and mobile phone companies of Turkey, Turkcell moved its departments of administration and Research & Development, from Beyoğlu (Taksim, city center of Istanbul) to the Anatolian side of the city, in order to provide a contemporary, inclusive, well-built and larger work environment for the prestigious and pioneering brands.
The Headquarters at its new location is mainly the client’s desire to consolidate his operations onto one site to improve business efficiency and workplace environment in a Business park’ development, also getting closer to the existing services buildings of the company.
Through the multi-level plan, grey colored metallic materials are paired with bright colors to create diversity at interiors and represent brand’s identity at each storey. Turkcell logo and their signature yellow & blue colors encompass the internal fabric of the space, complemented by a range of millworks and greenery.
The design of the space is inspired by company’s informative-communicative techno character. Entering the three storey height lobbies the users immediately encounter with an immersive digital ceiling framing contemporary video art pieces. The choice of materials such as metals, diachronic films and meshes, in line with the concept of working both in virtual and physical spaces at the same time.
The company’s executives sit in central areas, accessible to all employees. The open office areas connecting with large and small meeting rooms, break areas with pantries, and modular lounges allows for multiplicity of functions and freedom during office hours.
In addition to fitness room, conference hall, many coffees and restaurants, and park-like roof garden, staff can hang out by day and enjoy the impressive views of the skyline. Giving employees a number of options to enjoy and creates opportunities for them to collaborate with one another while not officially at their desk engaging work.
Merging the infrastructure capacities and functional space requirements with graphic design and artworks, with reference to the typical colors of Turkcell’s individual identity, granted a playful yet serene space, integrating art in creating space.
A hi-technological ambient atmosphere created relevant to the service and the ambition of the brand, aiming to motivate the creative personnel.
The new development also establishes a high-quality sample to spread in the brands other offices and structures, from kiosks to branch offices, in terms of contemporary architecture and work and life-style.


 36500 mq
 Tabanlioglu Architects
 Melkan Gürsel & Murat Tabanlioglu, Salih Yılgörür, Sema Türker, Melike Özkan, Zehra Kuyulu, Zeynep Eker Yılgörür, Canan Sarıdal, Ali Rıza Saçan, Deniz Hıdıroğlu, Derya Genç, Gözde Çalışkan, Melis Muratoğlu, Yeliz Aslantaş, Hatice Çağıran, Ece Demirel
 Emre Dörter


Tabanlıoğlu Architects is established in 1990 by Murat Tabanlıoğlu and his father Hayati Tabanlıoğlu, and Melkan Gürsel (AIA Int.) joined the group in 1995.

Istanbul-based architectural firm, with its long family tradition, started with Dr. Hayati Tabanlioğlu since 1950’s.

Spanning over six decades, the office demonstrates a professionalism based on rigor and know-how. Searching for new efficiencies in terms of global and environmental needs and developments, the practice is currently engaged in major assignments worldwide, having offices in Ankara, Dubai, Doha and London with 200 employees. Operating mainly in Turkey, MENA and CIS Countries, winner of international awards like RIBA International, Tabanlıoğlu works comprise wide range of building types.

Respecting resources and existing values, office aims high to benefit new technologies, envisioning needs of people of our era of novelties and rapid changes.

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