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marco costanzi architects

Interior / Completed
marco costanzi architects

The third floor of the Palazzo FENDI has been transformed into the very first FENDI hotel. Comprised of just seven impeccably designed suites, the hotel epitomizes a new desire forhigh-end restraint. With exclusive access to and emersion into the FENDI world, luxury is redefined for sophisticated customers who are looking for privacy as well as a unique experience in the heart of Rome.

Designed by architect Marco Costanzi, who also designed FENDI’s new headquarters in the Palazzo della Civilità Italiana, the boutique hotel shares many features with other spaces inside the new Palazzo FENDI. It is accessed from the ground floor of the Palazzo where typical Roman cobblestones have been recreated using the same dark red Lepanto marble as featured in the store’s staircase. A suspended resin sculpture and a vertical chandelier offer an evocative first welcome to guests.

On the third floor, the hotel unfolds like an intimate, well-appointed home. Guests are first greeted by a reception desk created from bold, geometric configuration of colored marble blocks, including white Calacatta, green Favakir and red Lepanto. The lounge area feels like the living room of a cozy apartment furnished with a refined selection of important contemporary and vintage design pieces on warm wood floors. A sofa by the Campana Brothers is joined by two armchairs by Fritz Hansen and a suspended glass bulb chandelier by Linsdey Adelman. A fireplace and iron bookshelf stocked with coffeetable books encourages guests to spend a leisurely afternoon indoors, while FENDI bespoke design pieces warm up travertine walls. Two site specific artistic work by light designer Mario Nanni enriche the space. A second common area features two velvet club chairs, sofa and a mirror coated with a textured film.

Each suite is different, being designed with maximum respect for the historical Palazzo structure and architecture, using characteristic elements and sumptuous materials: oak floors, precious limestones-painted wallpaper and bronzed brass elements for a contemporary re-interpretation of classic boiserie, leather and rubber trees wood for custom furniture, Italian marble for the bathrooms (Navona travertine and red lepanto, in reference to the floors of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, now headquarters of the maison). The suites range in size from 35-60 square meters. Each features beautiful windows and offers views of Largo Goldoni or streets below Palazzo Fendi. For travellers who require more space, two suites can be enlarged by connecting adjoining rooms.
The majority of the furniture has been custom-designed and produced by Fendi Casa, including beds, couches, side tables. But there are several curated items such as glass vases, artwork and Jan Kath carpets that cover the natural oak flooring. Each room has a Giò Ponti mirror as a touch of classic modern design. FENDI’s unique fur tablets hang above each bed. The living areas are divided from the bedrooms with glass panels with mesh frames and wood desks. Reversible televisions can be seen from either the living room or bedroom. A leather and brass lamps collection has been designed ad hoc by architect Costanzi for the suites.


 Rome, Italy
 marco costanzi
 Francesca Colaneri, Silvia Minoccheri
 Enginera | Di Vincenzo Dino & C. S.p.A. | Sice Previt Spa
 ing.Armando Trendo, ing.Luca Mezzadri
 Lighting : Viabizzuno - Bathroom Equipment : Agape srl - Flooring : Margaritelli Spa - Marbles: Stonest srl - Elevators : Ascensori San Martino srl - Main Furniture : Fendi Casa
 Jonata Xerra, Max Zambelli


Marco Costanzi graduated in 1992.
1992 - 2005 opened Marco Costanzi Rita Bedeschi associated
2006 opened Marco Costanzi Architects
Marco Costanzi Architects is an office in which coexist multiple aspects and multifaceted application intent of the complex world of Architecture. From interior design and restructuring , up to the new construction of architectural complexes.

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