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İnistanbul is a visionary re¬development of an industrial site in Istanbul. With 3,000+ housing units, this project responds to the ris¬ing demand for integrated urban living at the heart of a growing metropolis. The master plan translates the universal path of life into a physical design for the site, creating spaces for people to flourish at every stage of life, from childhood to retirement. From its distinctive architectural silhouette against the sky to its shared outdoor spaces and public plazas, İnistanbul is designed to enhance and connect the daily lives of residents and visitors.

İnistanbul is located on a former glass factory site, located northwest of the historic peninsula. The now vacant site is desirable as a residential hub due to its level of connectivity to the regional transportation network. As Istanbul grows and residential districts emerge, it needs sustainable and community focused models for urban lifestyles. The successful redevelopment of Topkapi site – including its unique community character and amenities—is an important model for how Istanbul should grow in the future.
Inspired by the client’s signature “fold elements”—or strategically-sited public spaces—the master plan proposes a large-scale “fold community” that balances social, activated spaces with relaxing, contemplative scenes. Across the entire site, shared outdoor spaces and public plazas enhance and connect the daily lives of residents, visitors, and workers in the community. Prioritizing greenspace and shared space is fundamental to the plan, and unique in the marketplace. As the city grows, forward-looking projects like İnsistanbul will play an im¬portant role in shaping the character of civic and community life.

Four distinct stages address a range of market needs and lifestyles. While Stage 1 is designed to be a nurturing environment for families, composed of warm colors, gardens and planted terraces, the busy urban core at Stage 2 features tall, sophisticated buildings sheathed in glass, copper tinted metal, and concrete. The adventurous design of Stage 3 continues the evolution with an artistic assembly of open metal boxes. Stage 4 is designed to appeal to the active lifestyles with its jewel-toned glass and metal patterns.

The architectural concept is designed around a kit of parts, with common construction and materials. For each of the 4 stages, the kit is utilized differently to create 4 distinct projects with maximum efficiency. The unit design is grounded in flexibility and maximizing the space in small units.

Topkapi’s campus wide sustainable strategies start with regenerating the brownfield site and extend to high performance green architecture. Part of healing the industrial landscape is promoting the use of native vegetation to reduce irrigation demands. A district stormwater system diverts runoff from polluting local waterways and captures rainwater for reuse. Structures throughout the community feature passive design strategies that minimize energy consumption, such as maximum natural daylighting and ventilation, high efficiency lighting, and integrated solar panels. Materials are locally sourced, recyclable, nontoxic and durable. A walkable, transit-friendly layout and the district recycling program reinforce a greener lifestyle.


 378.369 mq
 Perkins and Will
 Cassie Branum


Nef is a unique real estate brand working not in square-metres but in square-centimetres. With its 7 series for homes, offices, suites, apartments, flats, dorms and residences, Nef produces projects that are distinct. With its projects and patented inventions such as Foldhome and Foldoffice, Nef’s objective is to make design no longer a luxury, but rather an essential part of people’s daily life.
İş REIT was originally founded on 6 August 1999 as a result of the merger of two real companies: İşbank-owned İş Gayrimenkul Yatırım ve Proje Değerlendirme A.Ş. and Merkez Gayrimenkul Yatırım ve Proje Değerlendirme A.Ş.İş Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş. (İş REIT) is a real estate investment trust company (REIT) whose solid portfolio and sound financial structure make it one of the leading firms in the real estate sector.İş REIT is focused on assuring the optimum risk versus return balance for its investors on the back of a diversified and well-balance portfolio.


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