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archi5 was founded in 2003, the fruit of its founders’ common agency experience and the approach they share to architecture.
A context-based approach to projects is key : the site, the programme, the social and cultural challenges are all examined, analyzed and compared. These data are then transformed into questions.
The projects offer a dynamic and comprehensive response to those issues to the highest standard that has come to be archi5’s trademark. This approach is visible, legible in every building. It confers meaning and form and is perceptible in the projects’ applications, spaces and environmental impact. It is the essence of our confidence in architecture, its capacity to enhance
humankinds’ environment.
The agency uses its acumen and know-how to instill this ethos throughout and to guarantee its continuity. archi5 has a staff of 35 working out of Paris and Warsaw. Establishing strategic links with the best technical partners and expert consultants the agency further develops its skills.
We propose an interpretation of a form of architecture that is sensitive to the challenges it deals with, mindful of those who will live with and in it, ambitious in its convictions.

Shared dwellings
The Familistère is an auto-development dwellings project for and from archi5 partners. The plot is just next to the architecture studio.
The whole project took two years from funding, conception, design and construction.

An heterogeneous context
Around the site, like often in the city of Montreuil, the existing is extremely various. Houses with pretty garden, a schoo, a church, seven stories social housings are co-existing in a friendly anarchy. Since the plot is very close to the metro, the urbanistic rules allow 7 stories to be built. the idea of a homogeneous building made evidence with a stainless steel cladding covering
both façade and roof. This volume adds its signature to the environment.

A stealth building
The right answer to this context was to design a light building, with reduced visual impact. The abstract façade reflects its environment. The windows with their dark grey frames are animating this façade. The stainless steel reflections is slightly blurred by light waves on the façade.

A building following the weather
It takes sky’s tint, following seasons as trees around. This envelop gives to the building many changing identities. It’s a dynamic façade, giving back sunlight to surroundings buildings during the day and reflecting street lights at night.

Client : SCI Familistère
Architects : archi5
Program : Construction of 12 dwellings, de 2 office spaces, a underground parking. Low consumption building
Adress : Voltaire street, Montreuil, France
Surface : 610 m²
Cost : 1 660 000 € Excl. Tax.
Timetable : Completion Spring 2015
Photographer : Sergio Grazia
Engineer : Facéa


 SCI Familistère
 610 mq
 archi5/Facéa/ECD/Balas/Chosset & Luchessa/Matos/NJelec
 Sergio Grazia


archi5 is an architecture studio based in Montreuil, France founded in 2003.
We are 35 persons and we also have an office in Warsaw, Poland. Since our beginning, we have designed and constructed diferent project typology like schools, dwellings, cultural centre, sports facilities etc.

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