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Giraldi Associati Architetti

House  /  Completed
Giraldi Associati Architetti
The residential building is located in an urban area which is only 500 meters from the center of the town Pieve di Cento, which is characterized by a low building density that materializes in a residential fabric of small houses and condominium complexes with a maximum of three storeys above ground.The house, as opposed to the context, has simple and clean lines, and is characterized by an alternating shapes that make partially visible from the outside the function of the different locations, which are expressed in four different views that dialogue with the same material and volumetric language. The other element which differs from the neighborhood is the choice of materials, that with the utmost sincerity give tactile sensations to the views of the building.
The reinforced concrete in view is the dominant theme, and to enrich the overall view large windows, brise soleil, laminated wood and reflective fabric blinds enrich the overall vision.
The property is on two levels, a ground floor and a first floor.
On the ground floor is located the living room which leads to the dining room and on the opposite side to the kitchen. The living room is divided into two zones by a stone wall that houses a fireplace. The simple and straightforward decor of the living area is characterized by the presence of a large yellow sofa. The décor of the library however is contrasted with Baroque furnishings of the dining room where an inlaid wooden table anchors the space forcefully. From here you go, passing under the stairs leading to the first floor, to the kitchen: a simple and essential ambient where the color of objects emerges from the whiteness of the furniture. A laundry room, a bathroom and an utility room complete the ground floor.
From the staircase, which starts from the living room, you lead to the first floor which consists of a studio and a lounge from which you access to the outdoor terrace. From the living room, with large windows that give onto the outside, starts a long corridor that cuts across the entire first floor, passing through the double bedroom (derived from the patio), the walk-in closet, the bath and ends with access to another room.
The building was built using local materials with the main structure in steel-reinforced concrete walls, steel and, for a small portion structurally independent (called Patio) with wooden framed structure.
In detail the structural elements are the following: foundation: consists of a slab in reinforced concrete made ​​on a lean mix of concrete and a layer of gravel; reinforced concrete walls; Floor on the first level consisting of steel beams and slab thrown superimposed on corrugated sheet; Floors are a plate thickness of 25 cm for the relative area in entrance lounge and roof slab of the studio, while the type predalles is planned for other areas of the first floor and roof.
the wooden structure was designed and built attached to the adjacent concrete structure. The wooden structure, was built with wood laminated type GL28C joints with beams of the first pillar of size 24x26 cm, while the pillars are section of 24x40 cm. The joints of the foundation are designed and manufactured to operate at the hinge. Moreover, for a better connection between the two structures of different material, was also extended the structural slab in 5 m. of the decks.


 Pieve di Cento (BO)
 230 mq
 Giraldi Associati Architetti
 Fulvio Giraldi, Diego Lucesole, Federica Sordi, Daniela Girelli, Alessandro Dalu, Pierpaolo Carta e Marco Muceli
 Structural project: Valerio Alecci
 B&B Italia, baxter, cassina, corà, duravit, frattini, iris ceramica, lasa idea, lema, lualdi porte, luceplan, matteucci centro arredi, reggiani illuminazione, rimadesio, rossano scontini, scarabeo, tessilarte
 Francesca Anichini


Giraldi Associates Architects is an international studio founded in 1997 by Fulvio Giraldi and has its headquarters in Florence and other three offices in Berlin, Los Angeles and Doha and it is composed of 10 partners, 13 associates and 6 collaborators.
Well known for its concepts and design of coordinated images for International and Italian clients, GAA has designed and realized worldwide more than 3000 boutiques, showrooms and offices. The studio extends its activities to the field of Architecture with the design and realisation of Hotels, Office Buildings, Resorts, private houses and cultural projects.
GAA’s design and architectural concepts for various international fashion brands receive since more than 15 years approval and confirmation worldwide.
A World Line in its fully growth, that explores new visual languages and always searches heterogeneous and differentiated forms of expression.


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