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Desna Centre for Senior Living, Moscow Russia

McAdam Architects

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McAdam Architects
The Desna Centre for Senior Living, Moscow
Re-inventing the care home concept

This project is a completely new initiative for Russia. It aims to introduce an attractive, affordable and supportive senior living concept based on the well-founded notion of dignity, choice and control. It is for an integrated senior living centre which combines independent living, assisted living, long-term care for the frail and elderly, and an urban day care facility.
The proposed concept takes into account the harsh Russian winter and the custom of living in large apartment buildings in an urban location. For this reason the centre provides a fully integrated environment, with over 200 residential units, social amenities, fitness and well-being facilities, recreational spaces, and shared communal areas – all under one roof. There is no need to leave the centre when the weather is bad.
The 16,000sqm centre is made up of two 7-storey volumes which are placed with north-south orientation, either side of a communal garden. This garden is positioned on a single-storey plinth housing the fitness and well-being facilities, recreational and public spaces. One of the volumes comprises 108 apartments for independent living, the other 132 units for assisted living with 24 hour care. Whilst similar in size and planning, the blocks are complementary in appearance, material and design, reflecting the subtle differences of pragmatic functions within.
The central garden space is exclusively for the use of the residents of the centre and is easily accessed via a glazed gallery connecting the two volumes. It is a focal point for social interaction and is provided with allotment planters for growing flowers and vegetables.
The ground level plinth allows public access via a ‘passage’ foyer a cutting through the building, with reception, cafes, shops and cloakrooms. This level also houses the fitness and well-being centre which includes a swimming pool and spa facility. Access to the ‘independent living’ apartments is via conventional concierge arrangements directly from the street to maintain the notion of an apartment block.
The Desna centre is in the advanced planning stage and is due to go on-site in 2016. Estimated completion date – 2018.

Project Information:
Location – New Moscow, Vatutinki District, near Desna village
Architect – McAdam Architects
Site area – 5.0 hectare
Building plot – 3198.3 sqm
Gross area – 14647.7 sqm
Basement level. Parking & Technical – 2,735.1 sqm
Basement Car park for 57 cars
Ground level. Gross area – 2394.2 sqm including:
Administration - 150 sqm
Day Care Centre - 170 sqm
Foyer, recreation, retail - 640 sqm
Self service restaurant including Kitchen - 490sqm
Sports Centre – 1,220 sqm
Residential entrance foyers - 100sqm
Level 2 roof garden - 800sqm
Level 2 Roof winter garden and circulation – 150 sqm
Levels 2-7 (typical) – 1,563.8 sqm per level

Room & residents count:

Independent living - 120 residents (108 flats)
All flats are fully equipped with kitchens and washing facilities (including washing machines and tumble driers). Meals could be delivered from in-house restaurant if requested. Access to in-house restaurant and other facilities.
16 flats per level for 1 person (96 flats in total @ 30 sqm per flat)
2 flats per floor for 2 people (12 flats in total @ 50 sqm per flat)

Assisted living - 138 residents
23 residents per level share a common living/dining room with cooking facilities encouraging social interaction. Food is delivered via service lift. Independent cooking is encouraged. Assisted personal washing facilities are provided on every level.
Dedicated 24 hour Nurse’s station on every level.
Access to in-house restaurant and other facilities.
11 rooms per level for 1 person (25-28 sqm per person)
6 double units for 2 people (20-24 sqm per person)
Areas include personal bathrooms.


 New Moscow, Vatutinki District, near Desna village
 14647.7 mq
 McAdam Architects
 Structure & Building Services: Buro Happold
 McAdam Architects


McAdam Architects was established by James McAdam and Tanya Kalinina and has over twenty years of experience in the field of architecture and urban design.
Our approach focuses on strategic planning and architectural design solutions. For us architecture is about improving the quality of the urban environment in which we live. Regardless of location, use, size and budget, we believe that this aim can be achieved by careful analysis and an overall understanding of each individual project, situation and brief.
The activities of the practice cover a wide range of project type: public and cultural buildings, retail and office developments, urban planning and regeneration projects, residential settlements and private houses. The practice has registered offices in London and Moscow. Our projects are located in the the UK, Russia, Israel and throughout Europe.
Both James McAdam and Tanya Kalinina have completed PhDs on the Design Practice Research program at RMIT University in 2015.


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