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Insitute of Mathematics, University of Karlsruhe

Mecanoo Architecten | Ingenhoven Associates | Meyer Architekten

Education  /  Completed
Mecanoo Architecten | Ingenhoven Associates | Meyer Architekten
The Insitute of Mathematics at the University Karlsruhe

...was built in 1964 and was refurbished both architecturally and energetically. The building sets new standards in energy efficiency reducing energy consumption by half and nearly doubling the amount of floor space. Located close to the historic center and due to its location on the edge of the university campus, the building works as the university’s “showcase” to the city. The rectangular, five-storey building encloses an elevated mezzanine patio, open to the east and west on ground floor. The refurbishment and extension of the building focuses primarily on the exchange of contaminated components such as PCB-contaminated blankets, system walls with formaldehyde and spandrel panels made of asbestos. The house has gotten a new facade with significantly improved thermal insulation and energy efficient building services. The use of daylight was improved and the building is passively air-conditioned.

To expand the usable area to 2.200 m², a recessed mezzanine was topped. The new roof is a lightweight steel structure; the courtyard is covered with a light foil. On ground floor all public areas of the faculty are accommodated – such as tutorial and seminar rooms, group work areas, cafeteria and the faculty library. In addition to office space for the institute there are also seminar and meeting rooms as well as project areas located at the upper floors. Whereas in the basement seminar rooms, PC pools and parts of the faculty library are provided. The renovated and expanded building provides an ideal setting for teaching and research. Apart from that, the faculty has been interwinded with the city.

The concept of the building pursues to improve communication. It combines art and architecture. Max Bill´s „family of five hemispheres“ was cleaned during the construction phase and integrated harmoniously after the completion. The building has been designed due tue to ingenhoven architects´ comprehensive concept of supergreen®. The flexible architectural approach provides solutions for all regions, climate zones and specific climatic conditions. ingenhoven architects has constantly developed its holistic concept of sustainable building as well as its responsible attitude towards problems such as climate change and natural resource depletion. Fot ingenhoven architects, sustainability is more than just a word, it is an important, self-evident and highly visible part of the corporate identity.


 Karlsruhe, Germany
 Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Amt Karlsruhe
 9850 mq
 ingenhoven architects and Meyer Architekten, Düsseldorf
 ingenhoven architects: Christoph Ingenhoven, Rudolf Jonas, Elena Berkenkemper, Darko Cvetuljski, Ralf Dorsch-Rüter, Kilian Kresing, Yi Li, Severin Scheib
 ingenhoven architects
 Contaminant Redevelopment: PL2 Pluralis, Meerbusch; Green Building: DS-Plan, Stuttgart; Structural Engineering: Prof. Pfeiffer und Partner, Darmstadt; Fire Protection: Ingenieurbüro für Brandsicherheit AGB, Bruchsal; Building services Planungsgruppe M+M A
 ingenhoven architects / Photos: H.G. Esch, Hennef


ingenhoven architects is internationally recognized for sustainable architecture and has won numerous first prizes in international competitions as well as architectural awards. The office is known to be a pioneer in the field of sustainable architecture for three decades. Since 1985, when Christoph Ingenhoven has founded the office, the architects, designers and planners of ingenhoven architects have realized projects of almost every type and size and in almost all regions of the world. All projects were and are designed according to the highest ranking of the respective Green Building Standards. The range of works of ingenhoven architects includes headquarters for global companies, high-rise towers, department stores, office buildings, higher education and research buildings, residential buildings, hotels, hospitality, manufacturing and infrastructure projects, traffic projects, urban design and revitalization projects as well as product/industrial design and interior architecture.



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