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Feng Shui Swimming Pool

Mikou Design Studio

Sport&Leisure  /  Completed
Mikou Design Studio

We designed the building’s envelope to attenuate the linear effect of the massing and to introduce a variation in the visual perception according to the viewing angle. All the external walls are faced with undulating golden wooden slats that recall the circular movements on the surface of water and make reference to the circulation of energy and flows: the Feng Shui.
We designed the Fort swimming pool near Paris in a spirit of fluidity and openness. The development of the spaces gives priority to transparency and the depth of field associated with very good use of daylight.
All the facades are open and accessible, and the various elements of the programme are organised in the form of light, coloured, rounded bubbles, floating on the project’s spatial continuum.
The program includes a 25m swimming pool, a pool for leisure, a wellness center with hammam and sauna, a fitness center with musculation room, squash courts, changing rooms, cafeteria, interior solariums and outdoor solarium on the roof.
Considering the outstanding setting of the Fort swimming Pool– an emblematic amenity of the “Digital Fort” within the enclosure of the former fort structures and therefore visible mainly from above – we have taken great care with the treatment of the roof as the scheme’s fifth façade.
We decided to make this roof area attractive, alive, and lived-in, and we installed a part of the solarium on the roof, accessible via a ramp from the pools space.
The users of the swimming pools hall can thus experience an ascending architectural walk that provides plunging views of the pools and leads gradually from the interior to the exterior as far as the planted roof, which is fitted out with wood furnishings for relaxation.
The swimming pools halls – A haven of peace and light lit by “glass carpets” in the roof
We have designed the swimming pools hall as a brightly-lit, peaceful space suitable for relaxation, in which the filtered light from the façade accentuates the “light box” effect.
Thus, from the swimming pools hall, the perception of these undulating multiple reflections of the external wood louvers creates very rich enhancement of the interior space.
The roof with scattered wide rounded openings like “glass carpets” allows the building to expand upwards and provides large through views towards the sky.
The large pool is placed in the middle of the hall, while the rounded pool for learners and leisure is along the side façade facing the planted solarium.
The planted solarium is immersed in luxuriant vegetation planted directly in the soil from the ground.
From this solarium, a ramp moves along the façade on a path from the inside to the outside, leading to the solarium on the roof.
With the design concept of the space in light, floating, rounded “bubbles” that house the various different functions of use of the swimming pool complex, we can treat their internal and external façades in distinct ways. We have chosen bulk-dyed blue concrete for the outside of the boxes, and warm wood lining on the inside. All the bubbles have round openings with organic forms that connect them to the spatial continuum of the swimming pool complex.
The blue colour evokes water and the aquatic sensation. It is produced with a cobalt pigment that brings life to the concrete and gives unity to all the interior spaces.
Our design scheme emphasize the roof as a determinant element of the swimming pool providing a solarium that is accessible via a ramp


 Issy les Moulineaux
 City of Issy les Moulineaux, Seine Ouest Aménagement
 Mikou Design Studio
 Salwa et Selma Mikou
 Structure: Intégrale 4 / Mechanicals: Choulet / Economy: Sletec / Sustainability: Transfaire / Feng Shui specialist : Laurence Dujardin
 Floor tile : Allouche – Mosa Kallwall, Datverriere Wood : Douglas Carpentry : Schuco Bassin Inox : HSB Mobile ceiling: Futuraplay False ceiling: Reflex Stretch ceiling : Haguenier - Barrisol Blue concrete : La Farge Solarium on the roof : Acieco - Veget
 Helene Binet, London


MIKOU STUDIO is a place of creation and experimentation in Architecture and its interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation. Every project is an opportunity for redefining the meaning of a brief, a function in an urban, social and human context, in order to invent new ways of living, places of sharing and gathering.
We try to take advantage of the geographical and environmental specificity linked to each context, so as to enrich our architectural response – which as a result is never global and dehumanised, but is a matter of resonance and continuity.
We also try to integrate technical and structural resources in the service of the project’s architectural expression, developing intelligent envelopes and principles for innovative, ecological façades.
In 2006 we founded our own agency, Mikou Studio, in Paris, where we experience our openness to the world and our appetite for transformation without frontiers. We are developing projects in France and also in Morocco, Hong Kong and Congo.


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