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Gad Architecture & Gokhan Avcioglu

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Gad Architecture & Gokhan Avcioglu
GAD were attracted to this abundant building material as the number of abandoned shipping containers reaches problematic levels along Turkish coastal cities like Istanbul. This gives the city an unsightly appearance but at the same time uses up valuable space. The benefits of the container come from their stringent design and inherent strength where up to 9 fully laden containers can be stacked on top of each other. In addition they have superior waterproof features allowing them to withstand extreme weather conditions during long sea voyages. The ability to design out the steel facades is a major advantage allowing large openings perfectly suitable for the scheme and concept for Trump Cadde. Furthermore the reuse of a shipping container within a building project has the ability to reduce its embodied energy and carbon foot print making it a sustainable resource to exploit. The standardization and the use of these modular components saved time on site, reduced costs and reduced wastage. The prefabricated elements provided efficient construction and a reduction of defects.
The site, on the roof of a shopping mall, was severely limited. In addition a residential tower and an office tower are in very close proximity to the site which is also surrounded by a dense urban area. This had a great impact on the project schedule by reducing working times, site access, deliveries, and the options for building materials that would not over load the existing structure below. Construction was programmed to last three months with a strict schedule of project phases.
GAD sourced and repaired the abandoned shipping containers offsite and also prefabricated the structural steel members. The advanced composite steel provides a super lightweight stable structure in an area where seismic activity is frequent and simply stacking the containers on each other is not an option. It also allows the project to grow or shrink according to the need which is a unique additional feature. Steel and glass are also reusable materials therefore the entire project is completely recyclable. Cantilevered containers that are supported by pin and suspension systems provide iconic features, while limiting the effects of seismic wave forces which have the potential of causing the units to bounce.
The wooden decking is sustainably sourced FSC approved wood, and the inside of the containers are lined with a sandwich of compacted rock wool, a layer of composite super thin foam insulation with an aluminum finish and sealed with lightweight precast concrete panels.
The added benefit of using the containers enables the use of a raised flooring system which allows the services to be discretely placed out of site. This system also supports the idea that the units will be changed, allowing new unit layouts without the limitation of fixed services. This feature together with the ability to add or take away units provides a robust, structurally sound design that can be changed easily and meets the needs of the context specific program.


 1040 mq
 gokhan avcioglu
 Tahsin Inanici, Jonas Kirsch, Derya Arpac , Goksen Gungor


Inspired by the Grand Bazaar and the agora, Cadde reinterprets ancient codes into a context-specific design striving on bringing localism to the shopping mall. The concept uses modular units, creating main alleys and secondary aisles. Crisscrossing paths slice through the primordial mass maximizing the façade areas, whilst providing shortcuts, individuality and dynamic spaces at every corner throughout the entire project.The project provides an urban setting with plazas, wider alleys, down to more narrow shortcuts. Communal benches as well as private seating for each unit are arranged throughout. These features create an alternative consumption setting to the mall below and connects the units with the plazas, creating a network arranged around sharing spaces. The context-specific fully opening facades allow natural ventilation during the hot summer, lowering energy consumption levels. The second, upper level is less dense.On this level a community garden project has been included

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