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Gad Architecture & Gokhan Avcioglu
SWISSOTEL RESORT BODRUM BEACH is a waterfront development in Turgutreis, on the Bodrum peninsula, Turkey, located on a gently sloping site with unobstructed sea-views of the Turgutreis marina. The project consists of a hotel with 60 enclosed rooms, 46 apartments, and 29 duplex residential villas as well as a generous spa, gym and pool complex.
GAD’s design reacts to the most pressing challenges inherent to this site; positioning a high density building on a site with a limited slope whilst providing a direct sea-view for each room. The use of sweeping lines in this design fuses the Aegean coast’s rolling landscape with the local tangerine gardens, blending the structure with the natural landscape by using exterior vertical gardens to create stone-clad facades.
The hotel, a twisting structure, is located on the highest point of the site and serves as the entry gateway to the development. A pedestrian path links the hotel lobby to the sea, bridging the light-flooded space to a seaside restaurant & bar at its other end, creating a focal point by the sea. This main axis structures the development and serves as a back-spine of the site’s circulation.
The apartment buildings and residential villas are arranged on a series of platforms, cascading down towards the sea, thus providing the maximum possible vista. Conceptually, each villa has two levels with private rooms in the upper and a spacious living room at the garden level, offset fin walls, pushing out to the sides of the buildings, maximizing their facade and offering a sea-view for each room. Wooden screens & canopies add an additional layer of detail and also provide protection from the intense summer sun.
The hotel celebrates high design with low environmental impact. The lobby area is incredibly spacious, full of energy and contemporary in its design. Each and every room is a work of art. The walls are a mix of leather and metal paneling, the navy blue hardwood floors, cool gray marble and blue Brazilian onyx blur the boundaries between the sky and the sea. It is evident that the outside environment is brought in. The dignity of the white fused with the pastel colors can be felt all over the hotel. There is a unique combination of Swiss modernism with the Aegean’s laid back vibe. Every detail has been catered for including the lack of beach space for most hotels in Bodrum. The presence of the peer means that the hotel is accessible via boat while the warm white sands and crystal clear waters offer a welcoming place to unwind. The restaurant and Swiss cafe ashore tend to the hotel guests on the beach offering sun lounges as well as refreshments. This sea experience is second to none on the whole peninsula.. The materials used to build the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus as well as all the other ancient monuments came from local quarries and it is from these local sources that this project has been constructed; giving it an unprecedented localization that links it to the locality.
SWISSOTEL RESORT BODRUM BEACH, addresses the fundamental challenges inherent to the site and thereby creates a unique solution and architectural flagship for Bodrum.


 Cagdas Holding
 19950 mq
 gokhan avcioglu
  Semih Acar, Mert Turkozu, Tahsin Inanici, Efe Ilgen, Scott Baltimore,Derya Arpac, Muge Tan,
 soner gursoy


Global Architectural Development has been a leader in research and concept design in Europe since 1994. The firm is headed by design principle Gokhan Avcioglu who works with a dedicated international staff of architects and collaborators.
GAD believes that architecture as a practice relies on understanding historical architecture movements as well as research and experimentation. GAD is continuously finding new ways to combine these issues in compelling and thought-provoking ways.
The firm’s main office is in Istanbul and additional offices in New York Bodrum, Kazan and Kiev. GAD & Gokhan Avcioglu have designed a wide range of projects from the small scale of a private home to the large scale of an urban masterplan. While many of their realized projects are highly recognized public facilities, such as cultural centers, they have also completed several distinguished private projects including apartment buildings, offices and hotels.


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