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VitrA Innovation Center

VitrA Innovation Center
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VitrA Innovation Center is a creative hub for the design, development and production of new raw materials, processes and technologies for bathroom products and tiles. In addition to promoting the development of an innovation-oriented corporate culture, it aims to open new horizons for customers and stakeholders and contribute to industry’s competitive strength through wide-reaching inter-disciplinary collaboration. As a space for learning, the center promotes open communication, the sharing of knowledge, experience, and creative ideas, as well as teamwork. It also provides opportunities and infrastructure for young talents to develop innovative projects and university researchers to test and implement their theoretical work.
VitrA Innovation Center Team are on a quest. They believe sustainable development is the key. They have the courage to be different and a vision that is innovative and progressive. They appreciate the value of an environment that promotes research and development and approach their work accordingly.
VitrA Innovation Center’s mission is to provide an environment where the most imaginative ideas of architects and designers can be transformed into products. With the aim of enriching and increasing the number of innovative ideas, the Center will monitor advances worldwide and follow through on suggestions from colleagues while researching and developing new products, materials, processes and technologies that boost the competitive strength of Eczac?bafl? Building Products brands. Nanotechnology, electronics, water and energy, sensor technology, acoustics, ergonomics and composite materials all fall within the focus of the Center, which will give priority to market and technology-oriented innovation projects. The Center will also assist in the implementation of previously developed innovations.


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