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Scritto da ViTre Studio -

The building is located in the productive area of Piovene Rocchette, Vicenza, Italy. It hosts the main representative offices and productive facilities of SISMA S.p.A., an Italian society. The complex is articulated in two main volumes: the first, made of pre-fabricated structures, that is dedicated to production area, workshops, labs and the warehouse. The second volume, a two-storey, cast-in-place building, that host space for offices, meeting rooms, public area and showroom. The aim of this work was to create something different from the usual pre-fabricated, standard shed structure used for productive building - a typology counting already too many built examples in Northern Italy. We sought a new concept of productive building, with a better relation to the natural environment and with avant-guarde image expressing this research. The vividly coloured glass façade and the brise-soleil (shading system) guarantee an efficient shadowing for the office rooms, but also allow the natural light to sip in and along the day with its changeable path. This makes the working hours more pleasant to be spent inside the offices themselves. The glazed, double-height atrium disrupts the brise-soleil (shading system) and protrudes from the façade line. This space works as a fulcrom for the whole building complex; it connects, both physically and visually, the main spaces from various levels. It hosts a vertical way, that leads from the entrance gate to the showroom and, upstairs, to the roof terrace. Once up on the roof, it is possible to fully enjoy the beautiful natural panorama of this area, surrounded by Alps. In the entrance hall and in the staircases, the natural light is intentionally copious and zenithal; floor and wall finishes have been chosen to emphasize reflections and colours, to create a visually engaging environment. There are two kinds of external skin, coloured glass and metal undulated sheet, that correspond to the two main functional areas. Materials chosen for insulation, wall cross sections, and the technological systems (floor heating for the whole building including the production area; advanced cooling system; performing window glasses, etc), allow the building to be classified as a class A of energy efficienct.

Location: Piovene Rocchette (VI) Architecture Studio: ViTre Studio srl, Architect/Designer Team: ViTre Studio srl, arch. Elisa Dalla Vecchia; ing. Lorenzo Dalla Vecchia; arch. Massimo Dalla Vecchia, ing. Matteo Munari, ing. Ivan Mattarolo, ing.Giovanni Beda, ing. Silvia Dall’Igna; Photography: Marco Zorzanello

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