Rey Juan Carlos, New Hospital of Móstoles
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Rey Juan Carlos, New Hospital of Móstoles

Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos

Rey Juan Carlos, New Hospital of Móstoles
Scritto da Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos -
This proposal takes as its starting point the functional requirements that is reflected in the specifications of the competition held by the health on the demand for services, including clinics, emergency departments and outpatient interventions. As well as demographic, socio-economic patterns and frequency of requirement for care in management and organizational formulas. The architectural proposal for a hospital, of this nature, should adapt the requirements of that program needs, and the expected financial requirements.It has also sought to respond to complex functional program of contemporary architecture, attractive while still concerning the prevention of the hospital in an organized built program. It has taken particular consideration to the human scale, and protection from sun, above all, attention to the patient-waiting area. Manufacturing a large base, which encompass various health areas of the hospital, two volumes of glass holds the ward. This aspect results in manufacturing a complex system of articulated spaces within three prisms that make up the base, geared to each other as if it were a machine ora "healing machine". Front eminently functions with therapy at the base, that stands highly symbolic for treatment within two towers of hospitalization. The ward is like no other space imbedded with tranquility and brightnees in which the patient can recover. By separeting and offseting these spaces we have sought to separate the patient from the areas of functional activity. We creates observable gardens from the different rooms. By avoiding the narrow, dark corridors that characterize most hospitals, this allows opening to some big backyards. The spatial quality of these areas used by patients and relatives who visit becomes a key design element. The position of the tower meets the functional need to place them at a point which is immediately access to operating rooms, delivery rooms, emergency and diagnostic as well as being accessible to visitors. The hospitalisation towers also become the hospital's claim. The topography and location of the plot makes the hospital, as a busy school, runs through the south side of the plot, which is the side that has the hull of Mostoles, or from the highway that bounded on the north. The design of the towers makes them visible from the highway, which is the main access route to the hospital. The lobby of the hospital is another element that takes a strong symbolic content. They wanted to create an interior street, from which patients and external users access to the hospital. It is created with this purpose, a triple height glazed space on deck from which you can reach all points accessible to the public. In this space combines shopping areas and cafes to the areas of admission, information and access to different ambulatory and diagnostic teaching.
Name of the project: Rey Juan Carlos, the new hospital of Móstoles Location: Móstoles, Madrid (Spain) Client: Community of Madrid (Madrilenian Public Health Service. Department of Health, Autonomous Community of Madrid) Architect and Works Director: Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys Collaborating architects RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ ARQUITECTOS: Design Architects / Competition: Francisco Arévalo, Hugo Berenguer, Miguel Maiza, Jacobo Ordás, Carolina Fernández, Encarna Sánchez, Gonzalo Robles, Javier Gómez, Ignacio Jaso. Básic Project: Miguel Maíza, Jacobo Ordás, Gonzalo Robles y Javier Gómez Execution Project: Miguel Maíza, Siegfried Burguer, Hugo Berenguer, Jacobo Ordás, Gonzalo Robles, Javier Gómez, Peter German, Laura Díaz, Fernando de la Fuente, Nacho Jaso, Saúl Castellanos, Javier Gómez, Carmen Salinas Work coordination: Miguel Maíza, Jacobo Ordás Graphics: Luis Muñoz, Daniel Roris Models: Víctor Coronel y Fernando Mont Construction company: O.H.L. (Obrascón Huarte Laín), S.A. Structures and Instalations Engineering: GHESA Ingeniería y Tecnología, S.A. Landscape: Habitum Completion date: March 2012 Photographer: Duccio Malagamba and Alfonso Quiroga Aerial photographs provided by O.H.L (Obrascon-Huarte-Lain), S.A.
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