Nursery in La Pañoleta
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Nursery in La Pañoleta

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Nursery in La Pañoleta
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To attend the need of short time work execution, it was decided to adopt prefabricated large format building systems, precast concrete panels façade, plasterboard partitions, zinc roof, which together with the steel structure and composite floor slab, has reduced execution times enormously. As the most of developing areas in the city, the plot was lightly forgotten. An excess of lots is been generated, unable to plan a gradual growth, so there is a kind of criticism about that in the materialization of the exterior. There are two fundamental aspects that link the building with the public promotion that generates it: 1. the search for a low maintenance and energy consumption. Highly durable materials such as zinc, concrete and HPC, and controls energy consumption and support renewable energy are used, and 2. the possibility of using of the building out of school time as a meeting facility of potential neighborhood associations, by configuring of control and access area, along with the multi-purpose room and kitchen-dining room, separating these rooms from the rest of the center.
Project: Nursery in La Pañoleta Architect: Antonio Blanco Montero Location: Calle Mairena del Aljarafe, S/N. Camas, Sevilla, Spain Client: Camas Municipality Structure Calculation: Sergio Estévez Salazar Contractor: Construcciones TEMIR S.L. Project area: 593,95 sqm (plot 1000 sqm) Project date: March 2011 Completion date: July 2012 Photography: Fernando Alda
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