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Meritxell Inaraja Genís

Scritto da Meritxell Inaraja Genís - 11 dicembre 2013
which, without detracting from historical and formal characteristics and assets of the existing building, help to improve its function. This is, on one side, the creation of a vacuum in height, which allows to relate the three floors and offer a space more suited to his new public use. And second addition is the volume as a bridge that joins the two lateral sleeves on the second floor that creates a continuous circular path inside. Within the space of the medieval tower, extremely damaged by subsequent interventions but still with a strong historical presence, has been built the new main staircase. The rest of the interior existing spaces, once freed from divisions and superstructures without any interest, were set up as diaphanous and flexible uses. This new interventions were made using common, small and contemporary materials in order to facilitate the work carried out inside a building characterized by limited space and located in a densely urbanized zone. The result suggests the harmonious addition of the new and the old in a building where history and heritage will be joined to the contemporary performing arts.
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