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João Álvaro Rocha Architect

Scritto da João Álvaro Rocha Architect -
House in Rua Do Arco is placed in 80’s residential area of the XXth century, characterized by plots of small front and very limited clearances between buildings. The plot remains in its natural setting very narrow and very deep. This peculiarity associated with the fact that the client wants a house organized predominantly on one floor and simultaneously look up that the new building, although typologically very different from existing buildings, was able to establish a "dialogue" with the other houses – and those "constraints" supported all the action of the project. The choice for a long volume, large enough to achieve and define the exterior open spaces, allows, in this case, a balanced program conveniently expressed in the different ways that characterizes it. Interior and exterior blend together in a toggle that turns into a cadence, with rhythm, to thereby dilute the house limits into the limits of the terrain. It is as if the house was an enclosure that matches the terrain itself. In front of the lot, and as a kind of compensation for the horizontal extension that dominates the set, arise an independent and empty volume, which solves the access to the garage and that is used to "cover up" the house from the main road, articulating its volume with the nearby buildings.The materials that had been used (granite, white painted stucco and aluminum) and their combination, seek to reaffirm the way the house wants to distance itself from everything that surrounds it. To focus exclusively on the space it occupies, absorbing it completely until recognizing itself within it.This is a house that just wants to be "a house", is also, a house that wants to "be" a garden.

Location: Maia - Portugal; Construction: 2009 / 2012; Architecture Studio: João Álvaro Rocha; Architect: João Álvaro Rocha; Architect Collaboration: Susana Souto; Architect Structure and Water Systems: Póvoas & Associados, Lda., Prof. Rui Fernandes Póvoas, civil engineer, Isa Ângelo, civil engineer; Electrical: Paulo Oliveira, Electronic Engineer; Mechanical Systems: Paulo Queirós Faria, mechanical engineer, Odete Almeida, mechanical engineer; Landscapes: João Álvaro Rocha, Manuel Pedro Melo; Measurements:Jorge Pereira Construction; Company: Matriz – Sociedade de Construções, Lda; Photography: © Luís Ferreira Alves

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