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ryuichi ashizawa architect & associates

Scritto da ryuichi ashizawa architect & associates -
This is a retail project for shops, offices and SOHO, on the site of National Highway 2, in Narihira, Ashia City. The perimeter of the volume was determined by unique form of the site. From a special law on the site, it was decided to give a limitation on slanted lines. We tried to generate architecture, considering the volume from its urban condition and unseen form in the urban space that appeared as a wild grotto that had previously existed. The wall, an important protection from noise of environment, continues along the national road’s outline. Additionally, the wall works as an earthquake-resistant construction with maximum width of 640mm. Basically, there are no walls in interior of grotto, in order to keep more flexible the space with 4 columns that support the weight in vertical directions. Each wall between tenant’s spaces is built with a dry method of construction. The floating floor construction with reverse beam hides the equipment apparatus, as the water supply, and can be easily changed. On the surface of grotto, there are various kinds of hole that connects the inside and outside permitting both the exchange of natural light, ventilation and the contact with street’s open spaces around the holes. Inside the bigger holes, provided by the law of 2mx2m, the tenants find spaces that perform as balconies. These terraces generate warmth and cooling within interior and giving opportunities to generate various kinds of activities. At nighttime, the interior illumination of the building lights up warmly the surrounding of Ashiya town. There are hallways within the center of plan, from 3rd floor to 5th floor, and a sliding door of 2mx2m at entrances of the hallway and tenant space. An earthen floor is provided as buffer in tenant’s space. This allows a communication along each space. This building is along side a busy national road; therefore it is important to generate an enduring wild grotto, surrounded by Mt Rokko, on the north side and Osaka bay, on the south side. The structure of the interior space is protected from external noise, while the outer shell of the wall covers the outer skin of a building that resists natural disasters, as earthquake. This outer shell wall with a clear ramen-noodles frame creates a pillar, a beam, and a wall with equal thickness. By giving the steel rod a precise, sufficient thickness, though many openings are secured, the stress can burden any earthquake. Fundamentally, there is no building frame. Only four steel frames inserted in layers, supports the floor in interior space. A beam (reverse beam) and the undersurface of the floor are arranged to give a feeling of unification to the textures of space and to consider it as a flat range ceiling.
Architecture Studio: Ryuichi Ashizawa Function: SOHO Country :JAPAN City:Ashiya-city Total floor area : 1431.30? Building period: 2008- 2009
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