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Archaeological Space

Sergio Sebastián Franco

Scritto da Sergio Sebastián Franco - 11 dicembre 2013
founded in the excavation, both in the lower level. Covering and protecting all, the deck-square incorporates the outside uses of the regional head offices and a temporary parking. Conceived as the main façade of the building, it is developed in continuity with the narrow streets of the historical city, expanding their same stone texture in a new public square, and integrating a contemporary interpretation of the ancient walls of the layers below, by lights that appear at night coloring the place. The attitude in this case is the choice of coexistence instead of mimicry, from a construction of concrete and steel, sensitive with the place, attentive with the historical memory, and coherent with contemporary needs. A strong concrete shell protects the inside, and allowed to complete the excavation comfortably outstanding the perimeter forces. Its effort is shown naturally as the interior texture. The use of cort-en steel flats allows to delimitate the area, to articulate the walkarounds, and to preserve the findings. A single image is generated within the city, a silent palimpsest born from the respect for it, not from a mere conservation strategy but understanding the place.
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