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N_Apartment is a project for a five story residential complex in Miyakojima City (Okinawa Prefecture, Japan), designed by Yohei Kawashima. The 25-unit one-bedroom apartment building has a geometric, light-grey colored façade, which is rhythmed by rectangular openings. Common spaces include an elevator, a staircase and a shared hallway, as required by laws and regulations. The building is divided into two parts due to the irregular shape of the site, with a courtyard between them, and the shared hallway and staircase are placed around it. The metallic staircase, light and minimal, has a very gentle slope with a kick height of 140 mm and a tread of 520 mm. As one climbs it, the line of sight slowly moves from the dimly lit courtyard to the outside. The staircase is not confined to a corner of the building, but it is located in the center, enriched by a lot of plants and it stands out in the overall composition creating a gentle connection with the surrounding environment.


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Location: Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture (Japan)
Architect: Yohei Kawashima
Structures: TECTONICA
Construction: Co'z KOUBOU OKINAWA

Photography by Koji Fujii/TOREAL, courtesy of Yohei Kawashima

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