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Product News

Product News

Iplus by AGC

Agc Flat Glass |

Iplus The low-emissivity products iplus I-Top and iplus Light, both manufactured in Italy, are designed specifically for the Mediterranean climates which have to deal with an abundance of light and heat from the sun.
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Product News

Fusion Wow | Original by Antolini

Antolini |

Fusion Wow | Original, an exotic material is a very popular all over the world that allows you to create architectures and projects both indoor and outdoor use and fully enjoy the rich colors and harmonics typical of this quartzite.
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Tectus Energy by Simonswerk

Simonswerk |

A completely rollaway hinge system available to designers, factories and doors and windows builder of the German manufacturer which this year celebrates the 125th anniversary.
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Glashütte Limburg |

Glashütte Limburg, a company named after its home town of Limburg an der Lahn, specialises in the development and production of high-level indoor lighting. It is part of the German Bega Limburg Boom group.
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Product News

Topkapi - Design and technology for a Hammam

Effegibi |

Effegibi’s Topkapi is a hammam designed by Rodolfo Dordoni working with Michele Angelini, bringing together cutting-edge technology, research and attention to detail in a single product.
Topkapi is easy to transport and can be installed in a home, hotel or wellbeing centre. It comes in four sizes (150x90, 150x130, 190x90, 190x130 cm), with a variety of material combinations. Thus, each product becomes its own project, reflecting a customer’s requirements and using top class materials - Carrara, Botticino, Marquina or Bardiglio marble for the hi-tech column, teak for the furnishings and tempered double-glazed glass for the walls. Topkapi has been designed to provide a complete sensory experience, leveraging the steam-production systems Effegibi has perfected over the years in combination with light management for colour therapy and a sound system. The column with the touch screen control panel is remarkably small, but perhaps the most notable feature of Topkapi is the water distribution system, with water flowing from a large showerhead, with colour therapy, a flexible hose or - following the style of a traditional hammam - simply collected in a steel bowl. Every Topkapi hammam comes with an Effegibi Sound System that lets one listen to music in the hammam or outside it, simply by connecting a tablet or smartphone to the Effegibi docking station. This station can be placed up to 5 m from the hammam and it has two stereo speakers that connect automatically to the speaker on the control column, meaning music can be played without having to install specific software or hardware. All Effegibi steam generators include Effegibi Comfort Control, which allows the remote control of the various functions provided one has downloaded the Effegibi Experience app for smartphones and tablets. This means a range of functions - turn-on time, temperature or lighting - can all be selected remotely.

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