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| Carlos Casanueva |

House in Pinar de Castellanos

| Santander | Spain |
| Architecture |



Course Description
The course looks at an unusual residential unit whose construction and forest-clearing site underline the, often provisional, nature of non-urban living. Made from innovative materials that highlight its singular design, the architecture becomes part of its natural surroundings thanks also to extensive, full-height lights. Spatial distribution is user-friendly, the whole program geared to produce livable spaces. The project is an example of how to combine occupant comfort and pleasing esthetics with the use of high-performance materials. The course includes many pictures, in-scale technical and construction drawings with legends, along with an explanatory article.


Learning Objectives – after reading the article and studying the drawings, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze the construction materials of the envelope and finishes and describe the technical and esthetic benefits they afford.
  2. Describe how the architectural program, despite its strong visual impact, ensures the building fits harmoniously into its natural setting, minimizes its environmental footprint and provides a continuum between interior and exterior.
  3. Describe how the program combines occupant comfort with functional excellence.
  4. Assess whether the building offers new and different functions compared to traditional dwellings and if so, how these have been achieved.

Architecture and Contemporary Living: House in Pinar de Castellanos - Santander, Spain Carlos Casanueva

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