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Juventus Stadium

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054-3A-composites The new Juventus stadium inaugurated on 8th September 2011 stems from teamwork by a number of architecture and engineering firms. Studio Shesa and Studio Gau drew up the architectural plans with an overriding aim: to create a safe, welcoming stadium imparting enthusiasm and a sense of participation in its sporting events, a place open to all and suited to spectators of all ages. Great attention was paid to landscaping the new facility. Apart from football-related services, it contains amenities designed for the town: a green “park” of 30,000 m2 nestling in the existing urban fabric, itself containing a commercial centre. The project reclaims the underground part of the previous Stadio delle Alpi, as well as re-utilising nearly all the materials obtained from demolishing it, whether on this site or elsewhere. The stadium is linked up to an already existing district-heating grid. Two solar systems produce hot water for bathroom use, a photovoltaic installation supplies electricity, energy will be recuperated from expelled air and rainwater will be caught to water the pitch. The great ring-shaped stadium has a roof and outer lining that seem to fuse as one, yielding a clean light shape. The roofing membrane is supported on steel cables anchored to masts standing at the north and south extremities; parts of it are transparent, parts screened so there is protection from the elements but enough light for the turf to grow. The outer cladding is in composite aluminium Alucobond® panels fixed to a galvanised steel rib structure. They are moulded to the curving surface and anchored in ways that vary according to the incline of the support. Alucobond® panels are formed of two outer aluminium alloy Peraluman-100 (AlMg1) sheaths and inner layer of polyethylene. Light yet rigid, they withstand shock without breaking, absorb vibrations and have a high noise-abatement coefficient. Easily worked and shaped, this particular aluminium alloy perfectly hugs the support. The paints used for the finish are eco-friendly and extremely resistant to weathering and industrial emissions, properties that are imparted by the fluoropolymer-based UV-resistant binders employed.

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