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Chaparral Hall Science Building

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Course Description
The course examines a design for the biology department of California’s Northridge State University as an example of contemporary architecture in which a range of different functions coexist. The project also focuses attention on the quality of the interior and exterior spaces. Through an introductory text, images, and numerous technical and construction detail drawings with explanatory notes, the course provides a comprehensive overview of the project and its use of high-performance technologies and materials, and examines the building’s innovative features.


Learning Objectives – after reading the article and studying the drawings, you will be able to:

1- Analyze the materials – aluminum, in particular – that are used in various ways as exterior finishes. 2- Identify innovative design decisions in the creation of forms and pathways between areas with different functions. 3- Analyze the use of three-dimensional models for the development of forms and volumes. 4- Identify the concept of space behind the design of the building and its functions.

Architecture and Aluminium: Chaparral Hall Science Building
Northridge, USA
Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design - Mehrdad Yazdani

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